The Barber’s Diaries

In a time before any thought of the Civil Rights Movement, when race riots erupted across the Midwest, many blacks fled to safety and better jobs in northern cities. One man remained with his family in the small Illinois farming town of Altamont. He was the last black man in town, braving the daily threat of race-related violence. He stayed because he was the town barber. “The Barber’s Diaries,” tells the remarkable story of Charles Everett Ellis.

Outpost Worldwide executive producer Michael Wunsch and author David Henderson recently were on-location in southern California to shoot cinema high definition segments with Ellis’ daughters about their father as part of a developing documentary project.

Ellis protected his family, kept quiet, and cut hair but his voice soared in his diaries. What’s revealed is the intellectual and inspirational mind of a philosopher. When he died in 1971 at the age of 84, his diaries contained more than 2,600 pages in six volumes spanning more than 40 years of world events, his family and his own philosophical and spiritual journey.


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