Media Coverage of “The Barber’s Diaries”

Black barber in Altamont focus of documentary,” writes journalist Bill Grimes for the Effingham Daily News.

His story continues …

ALTAMONT — “Forty years ago today, by Jingo. Looking back over these years have brought many revelations. Youthful dreams have failed of materialization and stern realities have replaced them.”

It is doubtful Altamont resident Charles Everett Ellis knew what he was getting into as he penned the first three sentences of his new diary on Jan. 22, 1927. Forty-four years and 2,560 pages later, a dying Ellis laid down his pen for the last time after commenting on family matters and world events alike for more than two generations.

Outpost Worldwide, a Kansas City, Mo.-based production company, is converting the diaries into a full-length documentary, “The Barber’s Diaries,” tentatively scheduled for release next fall.

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