New Ellis family memorial headstone in Altamont’s Union Cemetery


Lila Bowers and Cec Broeren

Among the wonderful group of people in central Illinois who have provided invaluable research assistance in pre-production of The Barber’s Diaries are Lila Bowers and Cec Broeren of Altamont.

They made Memorial Day 2012 particularly special by visiting the new Ellis family memorial headstone in Altamont’s Union Cemetery and sharing a series of outstanding photos as well as more information about the Ellis family history in Altamont.

There are now two Ellis family monuments to honor the families of Levi and Lina and William A. “Doe” and Jennie. The new memorial headstone was decorated with fresh flowers for Memorial Day, sent by Adrienne and Wilma Ellis – daughters of Charles Everett Ellis –¬†who live in southern California.

All of us are deeply appreciative of the work done by Lila and Cec as well as Alvin Oliver, another Altamont resident.

The new Ellis memorial, placed in Union Cemetery in early May 2012.

Back of the new memorial, facing Main Street in Altamont.

The Ellis family plot.

Street sign in New Dennison, IL, home of the Ellis family before Levi & "Doc" settled in Altamont. Their father owned land at this location as early as 1836.

We appreciate the thoughtfulness of Lila and Cec for the photos.

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  1. Alvin H. Oliver says:

    Those two ladies are amazing, they are “tigers” when it comes to searching the archives of newspapers and the court house records. The booklets they compile are so well written and comprehensive. They keep giving and are so into pursuing the history of this family. The area is so lucky to have such dedicated and intelligent citizens.

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