Video Story Treatment: “The Barber’s Diaries”

The Barber’s Diaries is the story of Charles Everett Ellis, who was a barber in Altamont, a small Illinois town during the 1920s, and the only black man in town. We believe we, as a nation, are at a historic time when such a story carries a profound message.

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  1. CecilB says:

    What strong content. WOW

  2. Cynthia Withrow says:

    Charles Ellis was my Mother’s first Cousin. I remember visiting Altamont as a small child for the funeral of My great Aunt Nan
    People came out and took pictures of us because some of them had never seen blacks in their life. This was in the mid 50’s I was 3 yrs.old.

  3. Carlton W. Cannon says:

    i am in the family tree and i was born on july 2 1971 and am a barber also with my own business 618-409-9872 if you need a skilled barber who might have some resemblance of charles to play a part let me know.

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